Airport Malaga Minibus Transfers.


Airport Malaga Minibus Transfers.

Frequently asked questions

Below we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions, if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us by email or what’s app and we will be delighted to assist you.

Before you make a booking.

1. Is the transfer I’ve reserved private or shared?

All reservations made are for private journeys using only vehicles that are properly licenced and insured. A car will be reserved just for your group’s use as it travels. By doing so, you may skip lines, keep other passengers from having to wait and proceed directly to your destination without making any stops.

2. I must travel to the Malaga airport, but I am unable to find the location I am staying at, what do I do?

If you cannot find the pickup destination or the drop-off location in our list please send us an email so that we can provide you with a price and a confirmation.

3. Can I pay in advance?

Yes, when booking with us you have two options, you can pay by credit card or you can choose the option to pay your driver at your destination.

4. How much luggage is permitted per person?

Each passenger is permitted one normal-sized trolley. Larger cases are permitted in our station waggons; however, there is a restriction.

Please reserve a vehicle with enough space for your group’s needs. You might have to pay to send a second car if the transfer vehicle you booked doesn’t have enough space.

5. Can I bring bulky goods like a foldable wheelchair, extra luggage, or sports equipment?

You have the option to mention any specific requirements you may have while travelling throughout the booking process. Please specify your needs in the “ADDITIONAL LUGGAGE OR COMMENTS” section of your booking if your additional luggage doesn’t show up with the car you selected or if the option isn’t available. If you’re unsure, we advise renting a Station waggon or a MiniVan.

6. Are you travelling with children?

All of our cars have the capacity to accommodate children’s seats. You can add complimentary kid’s seats at any time throughout the booking process. The safety of those who use our services is a top priority for us, especially that of kids.

7. Can we travel with a baby stroller?

Yes. A child’s pram or a baby stroller can fit inside the car, only foldable strollers or prams are permitted if the stroller does not fold you may require a large van. When renting a car, children and infants count as passengers and are allowed to bring one piece of baggage (a suitcase or pram) and a handbag.

Due to this, if your luggage exceeds the limit specified in the general conditions, kindly add the additional items you require at the relevant booking stage or book a larger car.

8. A wheelchair is used by one of my group members. What am I to do?

Indicate that a member of your party is travelling with a folding wheelchair when making your reservation. Travelling with a folding wheelchair is free of charge, but you must choose the appropriate vehicle (a station waggon or MiniVan) for this need. Sadly, we do not provide cars that can accommodate an electric wheelchair. If you are travelling with an electric scooter that is foldable, you must choose the people carrier because it will not fit in a normal car.

9. I am travelling with my pet. Is it possible?

Please specify your needs by email before choosing your vehicle. We may require the dimensions of your pet’s transport box; pets must be in their transport bag or box at all times in the transfer vehicle. We will offer you an adequate vehicle depending on your needs.

10. Will I be driven to and picked up from my hotel or home address directly?

Yes. All of our private transfers bring your party straight to your hotel or private residence, and on the day of your return trip, we’ll pick you up at the same location. Our vehicles only drive on tarmacked or authorised roads; we do not drive on dirt tracks to prevent damage to our vehicles. If there is a problem getting you to your destination or picking you up, we will offer you the best alternative or solution.

11. Is it possible to stop along the route to pick up the apartment’s keys?

Yes. It is acceptable to make a brief stop (no more than 15 minutes) to pick up your keys, go shopping, or do anything similar, but you must be sure to mention it in the booking process. If you require a stop en route to pick up keys or to do some shopping, you must inform us before booking. We will confirm if there is an extra charge via email. Your driver won’t be obligated to stop if you don’t request it throughout the booking procedure.

12. I require a receipt or invoice for the services I have contracted. Can you provide it to me once the reservation has been made?

Yes. You may contact to request your invoice, and you’ll get the receipt for the transfer you booked.

13. Last-minute reservations

We allow reservations up to 4 hours ahead of the scheduled departure time; however, we are unable to guarantee a confirmation within 24 hours of your pick-up time.

14. We would prefer to ride in the same car even if our group flies in on two different flights. Can it be done?

Yes, but only if the flights arrive at about the same time; if they do not, we will monitor them and be at the airport when the last flight lands. If you arrive on the earlier flight, you will have to wait for the later flight to land. The meeting point is in the arrivals hall at La Manon Cafeteria, and your driver will meet you there once the last flight has landed.

At Malaga airport.

1. What should I bring with me?

You must provide a physical copy of your email-based booking confirmation or a digital copy from your smartphone or tablet. At the point of meeting, you will have to provide it to the driver.

2. Where do I meet my driver at Malaga airport?

Once you have picked up your luggage, you must make your way into the arrivals hall. Your assigned transfer driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your lead passenger’s name on it. He will be waiting close to La Manon Cafe in the arrivals hall.

On departing to Malaga airport.

If a hotel serves as the pick-up location, the driver will meet the group in the lobby at the front door. The entire group must wait at the location mentioned at the time given in the booking confirmation if the collecting point is a private residence or apartment. In other situations, when making a reservation, kindly provide us with the whole address, including exact information (plaza, street, postcode, etc.), of the location the group wishes to be picked up.

Where will my group and the driver first meet? Where will everyone congregate?

At the Airport

Your booking confirmation has precise information on how to meet the driver at the airport. The party will collect their bags and go through customs before the driver meets you at the arrivals area. The name of the primary passenger, which was supplied during the booking procedure, will be shown on a sign that your driver will be holding.

towards the airport

If a hotel serves as the pick-up location, the driver will meet the group in the lobby at the front door. The entire group must wait at the location mentioned at the time given in the booking confirmation if the collecting point is a private residence or apartment. In all other circumstances, when making a reservation, kindly give us the particular address (plaza, street, postcode, etc.) of the location the group wants to be picked up.

Following the pickup of our luggage and clearance of customs, how long will the driver wait for us at the airport?


The driver will keep track of the time of your flight’s arrival and remain at the airport for up to 60 minutes following landing. Send someone from your party to meet the driver if a member of your group loses luggage, gets hurt, or is detained by customs. You may also call us at the emergency number listed in your booking confirmation to let us know what happened.

If my flight is delayed, what happens?

All of our drivers keep track of airline arrival times to make sure that, in the case of a slight delay, they can pick you up on time. Please contact our 24-hour emergency number, which is shown on your booking confirmation, or send us an email at if your flight number changes, is rescheduled, or there is a substantial delay (more than 2 hours) to let us know about the changes.

What happens if my driver is running late?

Before the collection date, we will confirm with our drivers all of the trips. In the odd event that the driver is running behind schedule, call us at the emergency number listed on your booking confirmation, and a member of our customer support staff will help you right away. Due to bad weather or traffic, take note that the driver can only be considered late if he fails to pick you up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time on your booking confirmation. Anyhow, if your driver is running late, call us after 5 minutes of waiting.

My travel plans have been modified. Can I change my transfer’s specifics?

Yes. Changes can be made up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time for your trip. Send an email to our customer service department at to do this.
All adjustments are subject to the local operator’s approval, and if they result in a higher service charge (for example, a change in vehicle, destination, or extras), they must be settled after your trip. To learn more, please see our Terms and Conditions.

I wish to cancel my trip. How do I go about doing it?

Any trip can be cancelled at any time; however, we kindly ask that you email up to 24 hours before the pickup time so that you are not charged. Any cancellations within 24 hours will result in a non-refund if you have paid upfront. If you need to reschedule the transfer date, you can do so with no extra charge as long as it is 24 hours prior to your arrival or departure. Call us right away at our emergency hotline if you need to cancel your trip less than 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time.

I’ve already made a reservation, but I have yet to receive a confirmation.

Booking confirmations are handled as soon as they are received and communicated as soon as possible. During business hours (09:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00), please give our customer service staff 4 hours to finalise your reservation and email you a confirmation. If, after this period, you are still missing your email reservation confirmation, first make sure it wasn’t accidentally sent to your spam or junk mailbox. If so, add to your contacts list to prevent this from happening again. Email us with a different email address to which we may send your reservation confirmation if you haven’t received it.

Do I need to confirm my itinerary again?

No, everything is taken care of by us. We confirm all the transfers with our drivers one day before each trip. To enjoy the trip, all you need to do is remember to carry your booking confirmation or display it on your mobile device.

Following a transfer ride.

How can I express gratitude, offer feedback, or make suggestions?

You can contact us at any moment with your thoughts or recommendations for the future via

My experience with the service was excellent. What do I do next?

We have TripAdvisor and Google Business listings. Talk about your experience with your friends or on social media. We make a lot of effort to give you the best possible experience. Enjoy your time there!